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The cheapest type of retaining wall is made of timber. These walls are made of treated hardwood or pine. Given their natural and organic appeal, many homeowners find them ideal for use in their gardens.

In this post, we’ll talk about the cost associated with installing retaining walls, things to expect, and the alternatives available for you.

Why Use Timber Retaining Walls?

A major reason why people use timber retaining walls is because of how affordable they can be. Timber is relatively cheaper compared to concrete sleeper retaining walls and is easier to install.

However, retaining walls made with timber won’t last long since they can break down in just a few years.

Is a Concrete Retaining Wall Cheaper Than Block Retaining Wall?

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are more affordable compared to block retaining walls. A block retaining wall will cost more in terms of the material and labour needed.

Additionally, block retaining walls require them to have strip footings for their foundations, which will be as long as the whole length of the walls. This results in block retaining walls requiring more concrete than concrete sleepers and an increase in cost.

You can learn more about the common types of retaining walls for construction here.

How Much Does a Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Cost?

When installing a concrete sleeper retaining wall, expect to pay around $440 to $690 per square metre. The price includes the materials and labour needed during installation. Keep in mind that the actual cost will differ based on waste removal and site preparation needed for your location.

What Affects the Cost of a Retaining Wall?

These are the main elements that affect the cost of a concrete sleeper retaining wall:

Retaining Wall Length

The first aspect that affects the cost of a retaining wall is the overall length you want it to be. The longer a concrete retaining wall will be, the more materials and labour are needed, both of which add up to the cost.

Retaining Wall Height

The height of your concrete sleeper retaining wall contributes significantly to its overall price. Walls that are more than 1 metre above the ground will need a geotechnical report, engineering from a licensed engineer, and council approval.

All of these add to the overall expenditure in installing a retaining wall.

What is the Cost of Installing a Timber Retaining Wall?

A timber retaining wall can cost about $250 to $340 per square metre if you plan to use treated pine. Meanwhile, treated hardwood sleepers can cost around $290 to $460 per square metre. Once again, the overall cost will depend on the overall length and size of your structure.

Aside from that, you might also need to hire a professional builder, especially if your wall will be more than 1 metre high.