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Looking to improve the aesthetics of your house’s exterior? Needing a way to control soil movement? Maybe you are considering hiring a retaining wall specialist to build a retaining wall for your property. Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast can help you bring elegance and safety to your property.

Finding the best retaining wall experts can be challenging, requiring diligence when searching through many retaining wall builders on the Sunshine Coast.

We have contributed to property upgrades by creating captivating designs out of ordinary landscapes on many properties across the Sunshine Coast area. Our Sunshine Coast retaining walls specialists are committed to delivering spectacular outdoor aesthetics on every project we complete. The team continues to deliver strong, charming, and durable retaining walls Sunshine Coast properties deserve. This gives a lavish feel to the exterior aesthetics of many homes.

Why Our Retaining Wall Builders?

We are specialists who can handle such projects professionally while respecting your wishes. We create custom designs that suit your landscape to bring that pristine look to life. It is what sets us apart from other retaining wall companies in the Sunshine Coast area.

Installing different types of retaining walls, including large rock retaining walls to block retaining walls, we serve both residential and commercial properties. Our retaining wall builders can work even in limited-access areas while maintaining a high-quality standard.

We offer complete solutions to retaining wall projects, starting from sourcing the right materials to designing and constructing the retaining walls Sunshine Coast residents love. The excavation process is expertly done such that it does not affect any pipes and any drainage system on your property. We are retaining wall contractors Sunshine Coast residents trust for creating captivating landscapes to give properties a luxuriating feel that lasts for decades.

Our simplified client on-boarding process sets us apart from other retaining wall companies on the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps you have searched the internet for “retaining wall builders near me” with a solid portfolio of breathtaking designs, simply get in touch!

Why build a Retaining Wall?

Building a retaining wall is one of the best ways to revamp the outdoor aesthetics and beautify your home while bringing stability and clear demarcations to the landscape. There are many reasons why homeowners build retaining walls. Below are some of the benefits for constructing a retaining wall:

We have been building retaining walls Sunshine Coast residents love for many years. Our team have worked in suburbs such as Buddina, Meridians Plains, Castaways Beach, and many more.

Built by retaining wall builders in Sunshine Coast a new concrete sleeper in grey concrete

What is the most cost-effective Retaining Wall?

Constructing landscaping retaining walls can be expensive. For homeowners, finding an affordable retaining wall specialist is a challenge, which makes such projects expensive for most homeowners. Oftentimes, many end-up overlooking quality, even in cases where the costs are affordable. Have you wondered how to have a well-built retaining wall Sunshine Coast residents love, while being within a reasonable budget?

The costs of building a retaining wall differ greatly, depending on the retaining wall companies you hire, and from one property to another, and due to various factors which include the location of the property, weather conditions, and the type of materials used. It is very important to choose retaining wall builders who are experienced in handling projects in Nambour and it’s surrounds. 

COncrete sleepers sunshine coast

Your choice of materials determines the quality of the finished project and the expected lifespan and prevent retaining walls failing. We always recommend concrete sleepers Sunshine Coast. There are different types of materials to choose from, such as treated pinewood, concrete sleepers, and rocks. Treated pine sleepers are one of the cheapest materials available for building retaining walls, but its lifespan is short compared to concrete and stone. Below are the different types of building materials listed in ascending order of their costs: 

  1. Treated Pine Sleepers – are a cheaper way to build a retaining wall. However, they has a short lifespan of about 10 years and would need replacement. If it’s treated timber, its lifespan increases fairly, which raises the costs, compared to untreated pine.
  2. Concrete sleepers – these are preferred for their durability in relation to the costs of installation. They are expensive compared to timber and generally, blend well with many designs. The costs may change depending on any additional materials used for example if you use galvanized steel – also called “H posts”.
  3. Besser blocks – are costly yet durable. Such a retaining wall may last at least 20 years. They also have the advantage of being core filled with concrete for extra strength.
  4. Interlocking concrete blocks – they don’t wear or lose colour. It’s a great option for homeowners who want that block-look at a reduced price and with no mortar. 
  5. Sandstone – they give a modern feel to any landscape, despite the age. This is ideal for homeowners seeking to give a formal touch to a landscape.
  6. Natural stone – they are recommended for retaining huge masses of soil. It creates aesthetic beauty in gardens and front yards

Weather conditions

When we build in areas with extreme weather conditions, there is a need for additional support. The reinforcement will increase the overall costs. Choose retaining wall builders who are experienced in servicing the Sunshine Coast area suburbs. 


If the project site is easily accessible by equipment and labour, the costs will be fairly cheaper compared to areas that have limited access. Also, there are some types of ground that require special equipment for working on the project.

Our experts will handle your project in a professional way. We keep you informed of the progress to maintain the positive atmosphere while we are on site. Talk to us today!

Why Choose Our Sleeper Retaining Walls?

Whether it’s sandstone retaining walls, concrete retaining walls, stone retaining walls, our team are busy servicing sunshine qld and are licensed contractor. 

Types of Retaining Walls?

There are different types of retaining walls to help you achieve your landscape goals.
Gravity Retaining Walls

In simple terms, this type of retaining wall relies on its weight to resist pressure acting against it - also called earth lateral pressure. This keeps the soil in place. There is no restriction on the type of material used in constructing such retaining walls.

Reinforced Retaining Walls

They are also called cantilevered retaining walls. This type of retaining wall uses reinforced concrete in which steel bars run through the masonry. The wall is constructed on a slab foundation to form an "L" shape supporting the retaining wall. It may be buttressed to strengthen it. Buttresses are structures built against the retaining wall to provide additional support.

Sheet Piling Retaining Walls

This is a thin wall made of steel, wood, or vinyl which is sunk directly into the soil. Vertical corrugated structures may be used to provide additional reinforcement. Additional anchoring is required to ensure strength and stability if the retaining walls are large.

Anchored Retaining Walls

It’s a type of retaining wall that uses anchors to support different points along the retaining wall. Cables or stays are used to anchor the wall from the top and bottom of parts of the retaining walls into the soil or rock. Anchors are driven into the material before they are expanded. Concrete may be pressurized into the hole and used as an anchor.

Segmental Retaining Walls

These retaining walls are made of interlocking modular concrete blocks. They help to retain a slope, thereby providing a vertical front. These walls are made up of dry masonry blocks that are placed without mortar and use their mass to retain soils or slopes. They are suitable for use as either gravity walls or reinforced retaining walls.   The blocks have friction, shear elements, and interlock to keep the soil from moving. Some of their advantages include:

  • The modular concrete retaining wall blocks are suitable for many designs 
  • They help to create an attractive wall due to their different shapes, weights and sizes
  • They tend to be economic because they do not require the use of heavy machinery to construct such retaining walls.

Panel Retaining Walls

These are concrete precasts that are engineered to bear heavy loads. They may use galvanized steel in their manufacture. This type of way system offers some of the following benefits:

  • They are cost-effective since they can be customized to suit the needs of the landscape and some are ideal for DIY projects. This may reduce the amount of work required for the project.
  • They may help you reduce erosion by flattening your layers of landscape.
  • These retaining walls are available in different colours which can suit most designs and aesthetics.

Gabion Mesh Retaining Walls

These are gravity retaining walls used for retaining the structures including river banks, highways and slopes. They are an efficient and cost-effective way to manage landscapes while giving your home an attractive look. Gabion baskets have the shape of a cage, are stacked in rows and closed on all sides. This type of wall is not affected by drainage issues because they are porous, which is the reason why it is used in areas that are wet. It allows vegetation to grow through its baskets, making the wall blend well with your property's natural surroundings.

Rendered Retaining Walls

Rendering retaining walls helps to extend its lifespan considerably. Having a layer of insulation is a great way to control moisture properties that weaken the wall. It is a great way to protect your retaining walls against the weather of the Sunshine Coast area. It also gives your property’s exteriors a facelift and revives its vibrant aesthetics. Usually, this saves you maintenance costs.

Concrete Block Retaining walls

This is one of the most common types of material used in constructing retaining walls. It is favoured for its durability and hard-wearing properties. The concrete retaining wall blocks provide both aesthetic value and strength, which helps in property valuations and for preserving the integrity of your house. The material is readily available and easy to work with, giving you more freedom to design your landscape. There are three basic types of concrete retaining walls which are:
Image of a brand nw built concrete sleeper by retaining wall specialist in Mooloolaba

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Before you build a retaining wall on your property, ensure that your project complies with the local council regulations. Your project may not require any permit if it meets the following conditions:


  1. There is no surcharge loading over the zone of influence for the wall. Surcharge load refers to the vertical pressure that is exerted on an area, and the zone of influence is the area that is easily affected by loads. 
  2. The height of the wall does not exceed 1m in height from the ground.
  3. The wall is at least 1.5m away from the building or other retaining wall. 


If you plan to build a higher retaining wall, or your landscape does not meet the criteria above, you must apply for project approval from the council. The application must contain drawings from a certified architect or engineer before it is approved.Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast can help you get approval from council. Call us today!

The cost of building a retaining wall varies from one property to another due to different factors. Coming up with a budget may be challenging since no two properties are the same and are experiencing the same conditions. Retaining Wall Sunshine Coast can design and build a strong and stable retaining wall that suits your budget. 

Here are some of the factors to consider when trying to come up with a budget for the project:

  • Type of material used – in general, wood is one of the cheapest materials in constructing retaining walls. The costs of materials will change as you start considering other alternatives. Usually, the expensive materials are of high quality and are durable. Once your retaining wall is constructed, they will be very low maintenance costs. 
  • The nature of the Project site – some project sites have hard foundations that may require special machinery and tools for doing the work. Others may be in areas with limited access, which makes it impossible for vehicles and machinery to reach the project site. That means more labour is required at the project site, increasing the costs of the project.
  • Weather conditions – if a retaining wall is constructed in areas with extreme weather conditions, there will be a need for reinforcement among other retaining wall engineering techniques to achieve the desired strength. Reinforcing it will increase the cost of building such a wall. 
  • The size of the wall – if you are constructing a very small retaining wall that does not get higher than a metre, it is cheaper compared to higher ones.


Our retaining wall specialists can construct any type of retaining wall suitable for your landscape. From using concrete retaining wall engineering techniques to building rock retaining walls Sunshine Coast suburbs require, we let our work blend with your outdoor aesthetics in creating a serene environment. We have worked in areas such as Buddina, Meridan Plains, Marcoola, Eumundi and many more! 

Call us today to discuss your project goals and see how we can work your budget.

If you’re to build a retaining wall on a piece of land, an engineer may help you with ideas for creating unique designs that are safe for your landscape and to nearby properties.


For walls that are higher than 1m or closer than 1.5m to the wall, a certified engineer or architect drawings are required for the project to be approved by the local council. 


Our experienced team of retaining wall builders can simplify the work for you. Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast can handle everything from the design phase until the retaining wall is completed. We have served in the Sunshine Coast area for a long time and we are familiar with the type of weather, soils, and slopes found in the area. We have happy clients in suburbs like Castaways Beach, Alexandra Headland, Woombye and Coolum Beach.Your property is simply an extension of our expertise.


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