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Rock Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast

Rock Retaining Wall Sunshine Coast

A natural stone can help you bring a luxurious feel to property and landscape in a cost-effective way. If you’re a homeowner looking to add a breathtaking and elegant design to your property, this may be a good place to start.

If built by expert block retaining wall contractors, rock retaining walls can create a sense of elegance and pride in owning the property. Most homeowners can’t resist the urge to showcase such properties. 

We can give your property a perfect look and texture that suits your landscape. This may be a retaining wall or an ornamental garden, we make it a standout and become a noteworthy feature that allows any decorative works to become vibrant.

We have qualified retaining wall builders to work on any of your rock retaining projects, including large rock retaining walls. We can start at any phase of the project from the designing phase, and enhance your current designs with an artistic touch of retaining wall blocks Sunshine Coast residents find astonishing. We work on any project, from simple garden walls to high-end large rock retaining wall projects. We use retaining wall engineering to create the perfect undertone and shapes that easily blend with the surroundings including the boulder walls around the Sunshine Coast area.

What are the different types of rock retaining walls?

There are different types of rock retaining walls to help add elegance to your property’s landscape. Our experts can create different types of boulder walls that are durable and inviting. Below are some types of large rock retaining walls to construct on your property:

  • Natural stone masonry retaining wall combines strength and uniqueness to a historic look. It’s a perfect choice for homeowners looking to get a sophisticated feel to a landscape. This rock retaining wall is stable and durable. It’s perfect for giving the exquisite look to your property.
  • Ashlar Masonry retaining wall  – it is made from finely dressed stone, and its retaining wall block is considered the finest unit due to its regular size, shape and texture.
  • Gabion Masonry retaining wall – these are baskets made of galvanized steel used for retaining soils and landscape. They are filled with medium-sized stones to create a large rock retaining wall that is permeable, and resistant to lateral forces, effects of floods, runoffs and frost damage. Their durability is determined by the basket.
  • Rubble masonry retaining wall – it uses blocks of stone that are either dressed or undressed, and are of irregular size. This type of retaining wall may create wide joints due to the difference in the size of rocks used.


It takes experienced block retaining wall contractors to apply retaining wall engineering techniques in creating retaining wall blocks Sunshine Coast properties’ terrain require. Boulder walls may be important in holding-back a slope. Call us today.

What are the benefits of rock retaining walls?

There are many ways you can use stone masonry to decorate and strengthen your landscapes and properties. Here are some of the uses:

Stone retaining wall in Sunshine Coast

What are the costs of building a rock retaining wall?

The cost of constructing rock retaining walls is a more expensive process than compared to the rman-made counterparts. However, when built correctly, rock retaining walls will last for decades.

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