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The process of building a retaining wall requires builders to follow several steps to install correctly. It starts by planning and excavating the site, digging holes, applying the concrete, levelling the ground, installing the drainage system, and backfilling with soil.

This post will discuss the various steps in constructing a retaining wall to give you an idea of what you can expect. The information provided will allow you to learn how a retaining wall builder at Total Retaining Walls Sunshine Coast works.

Step 1: Planning and Creating a Site Layout

Just like any project, planning and creating a site layout is the first step in installing a retaining wall. We use string lines and stakes in this step to keep everything levelled off.

The first step plays a crucial role as it helps us see the entire layout of where we’ll install the structure.

Step 2: Excavation and Digging of Post Holes

The next step is to excavate the area. We might use a shovel for a small layout or an excavator if the location is big. We then dig down the line and ensure it’s wider than the sleepers that we plan to install for the retaining wall.

Once the site has been cleared and levelled, we then start digging the holes where the steel posts will be placed.

Step 3: Place the Posts and Apply Concrete

Once the area has been excavated and prepared, it’s time to install the steel posts. Our builders make sure that they are all in a straight line and are levelled appropriately using the string lines from step 1.

With the posts aligned, we then start applying the concrete into the holes of the posts. We then check the level of each post before allowing the concrete to set. If you’ve reached this far but still want to know ‘can you build a retaining wall?’, then read our blog about it for more details.

Step 4: Flatten the Soil and Install the Sleepers

The next step we take is to flatten the soil just below where the concrete sleepers will be placed. With that done, our builders will start installing each sleeper and secure them in place using wooden blocks.

These blocks are essential as they tighten the sleepers in place and prevent them from moving after being installed.

Step 5: Install Builder’s Film and Agg Pipe

Now that the concrete sleepers are in place, it’s time to apply the builder’s film behind the retaining wall. This film is useful in stopping moisture from going into the sleepers and possibly causing problems later on.

Meanwhile, we also include an agg pipe that will help with drainage. The pipe will be linked to the existing drainage system to draw storm water away from the wall.

Step 6: Finalise by Backfilling With Soil

Now that the main work is complete, we then backfill the retaining wall with scoria and soil. Scoria is important since this igneous rock will help with drainage.

Your Retaining Wall is Now Ready

Your retaining wall is done and ready for use in your yard. If you have any questions or want to know more about what is a retaining wall, don’t hesitate to contact us for details.